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Michele Armstrong

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Michele and I’m glad you’re here!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee with my amazing country-boy husband. I adore him. I really do. My 2 sons and their families are my very heartbeat, and my treasures. I love hearing the name “Mimi”. It means I get to cuddle and snuggle and giggle with my granddaughter. She makes me constantly aware that I am leaving a legacy.

I love music and singing, travel and exploration, fireflies on a summer evening, and a crackling fire on a cold morning–the little things that make life full of wonder. And laughing. I love laughing–especially at myself. I love sparkle and I believe in leaving a little of it everywhere I go.

I have a story. I want to be real with you by sharing glimpses into my past, and my own personal experience with marital abuse by a church minister for 30 years. But the story does not end there.

Through the power of God, I’ve been transformed from victim to victor. I have a new life now, and I want to empower women to overcome obstacles through the amazing grace, unconditional love, and incredible healing power of Jesus. And to know it’s ok to laugh–even in the darkness. Perhaps my journey can help inspire you to embrace all the joys God has in store for you.

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s talk. Let’s press into the heart of Jesus together.

“And to know its ok to laugh–even in the darkness.”

About Hope Glimmering

If I can inspire a glimmer of hope in one woman; 
If I can empower one woman with the healing power of Jesus;
If I can enlighten one woman to reclaim God’s incredible, original design for her life;
If I can encourage one woman to conquer fear and live victoriously; 
Then Hope Glimmering will surpass expectation, and it will be a success.
And my journey will be worth it all.

As it continues to develop, Hope Glimmering will be a central on-line location for women to find various helpful resources that facilitate spiritual and emotional healing from all kinds of difficult circumstances. Here, you will find devotional thoughts, and encouraging messages, podcasts, and videos from myself and from other writers and speakers. I will continue to write about my story of victorious living on the other side of pain, with articles ranging from my involvement with ministries across the world, to travel, and maybe even an occasional recipe or lifestyle tip! My vision for this website is that women will find a community to connect, find encouragement, and just share life together!

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