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Fight Like a Girl
31 Jul, 2019

Lately, I've been seeing on social media and hearing a teaching among my Christian sisters that we, as Jesus-followers, do not have to be warriors. And I'm thinking to myself,...

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A Dream Speaks
30 Jul, 2019

As I approached the decrepit house shrouded in oppressive darkness, I felt a great sadness, yet was compelled to enter. This was once a place of happiness, unity of spirit,...

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Narcissism from a Biblical Standpoint
06 Jan, 2019

When I finally woke up to the insanity in which I lived for 30 years, and decided to leave my abusive marriage to a minister, someone sent me an article...

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Finding Forgiveness for the Abuser
18 Dec, 2018

As I attempt to write a book for publishing, I am keenly aware that though I write about past wrongs that were heaped upon my children and me, I must...

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Rescue: How do I describe it?
06 Dec, 2018

Ever since the morning after the Christmas party, I have been processing--taking in these last 10 days and trying to run them through all the different channels of my heart....

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Rescue: My First Time in a Brothel
04 Dec, 2018

To say the least, our first night of outreach granted me some new experiences that I am pondering this morning as I sit here drinking my coffee. Some precious, some...

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