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Thailand Mission Trip: Rescue–Our First Day
28 Nov, 2018

I never in a million years thought I would be anywhere near Asia—let alone Thailand. Asia and India were the last places I ever wanted to go. But here I...

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Enabling Abuse Within the Church
02 May, 2018

First of all, let me state one important fact as I begin this blog post. I am trying to raise awareness of the fact that abuse occurs in marriages within...

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18 Apr, 2018

To say that I was terrified when I left my abusive marriage is an understatement. But I knew it was time. I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I...

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A Time to Leave–Part 2
05 Apr, 2018

As I sit here in this moment to write, I think back to the night when I knew I had to leave the insanity, and it all comes flooding back....

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A Time to Leave–Part 1
27 Mar, 2018

A few short years ago, I lay in a crumpled mass in a hotel room completely broken by life and by abuse. Overwhelmed and consumed by darkness, I had no...

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Sexual Favors
15 Feb, 2018

This will be perhaps one of the most difficult posts I will write on this blog. For anyone who knows me, they know this subject matter is not one I...

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