Ever since the morning after the Christmas party, I have been processing–taking in these last 10 days and trying to run them through all the different channels of my heart. And what I realize is this:  I’m beautifully destroyed. And it is a good thing. But to try to make others grasp what I saw, […]

To say the least, our first night of outreach granted me some new experiences that I am pondering this morning as I sit here drinking my coffee. Some precious, some maddening, some hilarious. But what strikes me most is the peace I am experiencing. I am a bit surprised by that, though I shouldn’t be. […]

As I sit here from my hotel balcony in Pattaya watching the ships sail off the coast, my heart is so full I feel it may explode.  The last couple of days has been both glorious and eye opening. I cannot even tell you how much I love my team. We are all so different, […]

I never in a million years thought I would be anywhere near Asia—let alone Thailand. Asia and India were the last places I ever wanted to go. But here I am on a plane landing in Bangkok soon, and I had intended to go to India a few months ago, but my schedule conflicted. I […]

A few short years ago, I lay in a crumpled mass in a hotel room completely broken by life and by abuse. Overwhelmed and consumed by darkness, I had no idea what the next day or months or years or even the next moment held for me. No clue what direction to follow. What I […]

This will be perhaps one of the most difficult posts I will write on this blog. For anyone who knows me, they know this subject matter is not one I have ever been comfortable discussing. I have been impressed for weeks, perhaps months, to write about this. But I have been running. Hiding. Making feeble […]

As I sit here ready to write a new post on this blog, I know what I must write, and my reaction surprises me. Even now, as I think about the memories, and struggle how to translate them into words that make sense, I tremble and feel my heart racing and pounding out of my chest. But […]

In the overwhelming times in my life, when the darkness began to sink in, my only solace was God. At times I felt so alone, like a wanderer searching for a home. Looking back, I know now, a journey lay before me with many twists and turns which would set my feet upon a path of finding strength, resilience, and a […]

In my world, as I knew it in years past, life was full of polar extremities. That was my normal, and it was a mixed up mangled chasm of questions and constantly changing boundaries and standards. Abuse is like that. It is a form of control. I never knew from day to day, or sometimes from moment to […]

I am blessed to live a peaceful, tranquil and beautiful life. I guess you would say I live on the mountaintop. But no mountaintop is possible without first experiencing the valley. We all have valleys. I had to endure my valley for a very long time. But the one thing I learned: God is ever […]

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