Embrace Your Journey

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”
(Isaiah 60:1)

Embrace Your Journey

God has laid it upon my heart for years to be a voice and an advocate for the inner heroine encompassed in the heart of all women, especially those in difficult circumstances. I want to impart lessons I have learned in my own journey. I want to encourage the heart of the warrior within you, ignite the spark of hope, and fan the flame of victory over the darkness. I want you to laugh, and to know it’s ok. Laughter is one of the greatest sources of strength and helped me survive. I want to spread light and love and be a glimmer of hope in the shadows that leads to the path of your greatness.

And greatness is there. You just must look for it. Follow where it leads. And suddenly, the possibilities are endless. the opportunities immense, and the joy is boundless. This is where greatness lies–in finding the original design God imparts upon you, in fulfilling the purpose for your existence, and unleashing the heroin and champion within you. There exists a plan for you, lovely one. Your responsibility is to be courageous enough to explore it, dream big enough to embrace it, and have faith enough to fulfill it.

The making of a hero does not happen according to a blue-print. Each journey is special and unique, and only you have walked it. Remember that, when people try to fit you into a box. Believe me, my box is very broken and mangled in the eyes of man. But it’s my box, and it’s full of far less than ideal circumstances. It’s broken by years of crushing pressure. It’s mangled with differing thoughts and emotions and beliefs and choices. But in the end, it is bound in God’s amazing grace, and configured in the shape of the shadow of the cross. And when God sees it, he sees a vessel of honor. It is the vessel he has made me to be, but perhaps not the vessel others would expect or approve. But if God approves, and I believe He does, that is all that matters.

Embrace your journey. Find God’s truth in it, and let that be the beacon that leads you out of the hiding place and into the battle. The victory is already secured in Jesus and the enemy is vanquished. Now claim it. Learn the lessons assigned to you–lessons that may involve stepping out of your comfort zone and what you have always thought to be true. It is a scary thing to question the things we thought were absolutes. There are absolutes. The key is realizing the difference between absolutes, and tradition or opinion or “religious” thought. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” His Word is absolute. That you can be sure of. Out of that truth, find your freedom from any chains or strongholds or bondage placed upon you by men or powers of darkness. Fight the battle furiously to gain that freedom, and then rest in it.

As I continue to walk in the freedom Christ has set before me, I find that I am more in love with Him every day. I am more aware of His presence in my life. I am more sensitive to His leading. My desire is to please him more. It is amazing to me that an attitude of grace constructs the heart a hero, and naturally sets boundaries that keeps me close to Him, listening for His voice, and keeps me from wandering; all the while, equipping me more and more to face the battles with the enemy.

Seek and find your path to being a hero, sweet friend. Only there will you be free.

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