All His Benefits
08 Nov, 2018

The life of faith is a collision of absolutes in opposition to questions that cannot be answered. Trust, in itself, implies that though I don’t understand, I am pushing the...

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Embrace Your Journey
12 Oct, 2018

God has laid it upon my heart for years to be a voice and an advocate for the inner heroine encompassed in the heart of all women, especially those in...

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Beauty From Ashes
10 Oct, 2018

A flower emerges in the burned landscape of the Smoky Mountains after the horrific fire in 2016. The devastation and loss to this area was catastrophic. I remember thick layers...

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In God’s Image
09 Oct, 2018

I love classic Disney movies and characters. This keepsake came from our special tour of Disney studios, where I was intensely aware of the incredible history and the awesome splendor...

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