Thailand Mission Trip: Rescue–Our First Day

Michele Armstrong November 28, 2018 0
Thailand Mission Trip: Rescue–Our First Day

I never in a million years thought I would be anywhere near Asia—let alone Thailand. Asia and India were the last places I ever wanted to go. But here I am on a plane landing in Bangkok soon, and I had intended to go to India a few months ago, but my schedule conflicted. I can and will go to the ends of the earth if I know God would have me to. He has a way of changing the heart when we allow him. When he has a purpose, you can go anywhere, I suppose.

And we have a purpose here–my team and I. It’s been a long flight. Almost 24 hours in all, by the time we land in Bangkok. Then we have a 2 -hour drive to Pattaya. We already have bonded as a team, laughed a lot and most of all, loved a lot. We even talked about squatty pottys—that’s a new one for me. So, I guess we have crossed the line from friends to sisters on this trip. Sit next to someone on a plane for 24 hours, and you really get to know a person.

Some of us actually even decided to be brave enough to eat the “interesting” food we were offered on the plane from Tokyo. I wasn’t one of them, and apparently, I made the right choice according to the faces of the more daring ones. We are tired, but thrilled with the opportunity of what we are about to undertake.

Our purpose is to rescue. Rescue. I never thought of myself as someone who would rescue another. But, through the power of Jesus, that is what we have been sent here to do. Rescuing girls from the evil of the sex trafficking industry. Wow. When I think of it, I am so honored Jesus has invited me to be a part of this. I am sort of overwhelmed, and really sad. Sad because I think of the scheme the enemy has been weaving for so many years that he has been able to twist the thinking of mankind and ensnare humans in this horrible trap. All of them are victims in one way or another–the traffickers, the buyers and the trade victims.  The traffickers are infested with greed. The buyers are trapped in a dark pit of perversion, and  those who are sold are trapped in the clutches of evil itself.  So, they are all victims of Satan. That is until they hear and accept the message of a Savior who brings light and fulfillment and hope to the world. And then I am empowered. Because we have a message of rescue.  We just want to love all of them the way Jesus does.

What kind of girls will be meet? On this last flight from Tokyo to Japan we have had the most precious flight attendants you could imagine.(Pictured) So sweet, so kind, smiling brightly with every word, and dripping with politeness with every act of service. Even a cup of apple juice is poured in such a way that makes you feel special. And I think to myself, these girls could have been some of the ones we will meet in Pattaya were circumstances different. These flight attendants are just trying to make a living. It’s the same for the girls who are being trafficked in Pattaya. They are just trying to bring in an income for their families. And I am sure they will be just as precious as these girls. It makes a difference when you put a face with this whole thing. And we will be seeing many beautiful faces. Faces with souls and spirits behind them. Faces of girls whose dreams have been shattered. Whose lives and innocence have been stolen.

But that is why we are here. To tell them that there is a way to recover what the enemy has taken. That abundant life and freedom are a part of God’s original design for their lives, and that there is One who can restore that. I am trusting God that He has already been preparing some hearts to hear and receive the message. And that he will bring about divine appointments that will be unmistakably created through His hand. And we can put a name with the beautiful faces we will meet because Jesus already knows their name. And He wants them whole and healed. And He wants them rescued. Even more than I do. 

We will be landing before long. It is late at night here in this part of the world. And a good bed sounds nice. Tomorrow will be more of an introduction day. An introduction to Bonita Thompson and her Home of New Beginnings. An introduction to what our plans are and how to implement them. And an introduction to Thailand itself. Great things are in store. I will write more soon. God bless. Goodnight, sweet friends.



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